Features To Look For In A Pair Of Running Shoes

Features To Look For In A Pair Of Running Shoes

Since there are various designs of running shoes sold in the market, it is then very essential for runners to know what features to look for in a running shoe that will allow optimum running performance. It is not unknown that running can put stress on certain areas of the body. Having the appropriate pair of running shoes is important to avoid any injury that might incur while on training. Below are the four features to look for in a pair of running shoes.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Running Shoes

Know your foot typefoot

Foot type is the primary feature that a runner should be aware when buying running shoes. The foot type is based on the arch observed between the toes and the ball of the feet. There are three types of feet. The evident presence of arch on foot means that the runner has high-arched foot type. On the other hand, no visible arch or very low arch means the runner has flat foot type. Runners with neutral foot type belong in the middle of low and high-arched.

Know your pronation style

Pronation is also known as the normal rolling of feet as they land on the ground. However, pronation problems may occur on flat and high-arched feet. These problems are called overpronation (foot rolls inward) and supination (foot rolls outward).

What determines how efficiently your feet absorb the impact of running is your pronation style. Because of this, problems with pronation can cause more injury to the runner especially when they wear the incorrect pair of running shoe. Runners should also consider the specific running category appropriate for their feet.

Running shoes are categorized into stability, cushioning and motion control running shoes. These three categories are based on three types of feet. Thus, finding out which one is appropriate for you requires you to know your foot type. You can do this by visually observing the arch on your foot or by performing the wet foot test.

Shoe size

This is a valuable factor when running since your feet can swell after a vigorous activity or exposure to heat. Hence, you should pick out a running shoe with the right size for your feet. Make sure that your foot has ample space to move in your shoes, specifically on your toe area.

Determine what the shoes are built for

road runningIs the shoe built for road running, trail running or track running? This is important since several running shoes are equipped with materials that are designed to meet the demands of a certain running event. For instance, there may be thicker outsoles for trail running shoes than road running or track running.

Running shoes are made of various designs and materials. Always remember that a good pair of running shoe will serve as your protection against running injuries.…