Our Hair, Our Crown Of Glory

Our Hair, Our Crown Of Glory

Hair has been termed as a crown of glory for the longest time. This is not just a slip of the tongue. It gives beauty and attraction to any face, be it man or woman. No wonder so much attention is paid to it. Maintaining the hair is no easy fit and should be thoroughly looked into. For ages now, we have been trying so hard to understand our hair and its needs. We are not yet there, but we are nearly done with our studies.

Hair is an extremely sensitive part of us. It reacts differently to its surroundings and loves to keep us guessing. Sometimes, we even find ourselves trapped in hairy situations we didn’t plan for. For instance, hair turning gray before its time is still a strange phenomenon. No one has been able to figure this out just yet. We are left hanging in the balance trying to figure out viable solutions to our problems. That’s not all, hair falling off without a cause. We shall look into this and much more.

Hair solutions

It has rightly been said before that there are no problems without solutions. The ones we have with our hair are not an exception. Here are some of the best that have surfaced so far;

1. Hair extensions and wigs

They have been around for the longest time, but we haven’t realized their value yet. There is so much to these extensions and wigs than we care to realize. The latest productions will have you asking for more than you thought you ever would. They are simply unique in their own way.


2. Hair oils and creams

This is to say that there are genuine products that can be relied upon by all and sundry. There is a way to tell them apart and ensure that they yield tangible results. They have an approved mark of quality that we know nothing about just yet. Once we do, we’ll steer clear of all fake products that are out to add salt to the injury.

3. Better diet

Most of us are aware of the fact that our hair reflects what we eat. A poor diet will result in a scruffy looking hair. On the other hand, better diet will reflect in our silky and gorgeous looking hair. Let’s eat less of the oily, greasy foods and drink more water and eat fresh fruits instead.

4. Regular washing and setting of the hair.

This is to say that dandruff and other forms of dirt accumulate in hair that has not been washed for long.

woman washing

Benefits of perfect hair treatment

The wise saying goes that those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. This case isn’t any different for those enthusiastic about their hair. These are the benefits you are set to reap;

1. Thick and lustrous hair

This means that it won’t fall off or thin out anytime soon. Instead, it will grow longer and stronger.

2. Attractive and gorgeous looking hair

This one will give you all sorts of covetous stares wherever you pass. Hair like this will give you the kind of attention that you are looking for.…

Types of hair straightening irons

Types of hair straightening irons

In the earlier days, a person had to visit the beauty salon to get a good hairstyle or put up with cumbersome heating irons. These days you can get the Best Straightening Irons at affordable prices. There is a wide variety of hair styling tools available in the market from different manufacturers. Technology has advanced so much that the hair styling tools are now sufficient for straightening, curling or even crimping one’s hair. The tools that are available in the market today are as follows:

GHD flat iron

This is one of the most famous among the tools that are available in the market today. They have emerged as a woman with glassesfavorite in the beauty market because of the tip top features and amazing results they provide. The beautiful thing about them is that they are not only easy to use, but they are very reliable. Unlike other models they rarely fail, they can straighten your hair in a less amount of time because they work at quite a hot level. They also cool down quick. Quick heat up is another key feature in this straighteners. Once you plug it in the socket and switch on it heats up in a very short time hence giving you more time to style your hair.

MK4/IV flat iron

This is the most popular of all the models that are available in these types of hair straightener segment.it can be an excellent tool to create different hair styles like the waves and curls. If you have hair that is in normal condition (not too thick, not too long and not too short) this can be a suitable choice for you.in order to ensure the best results use this straightener with a good heat protecting spray.

Mini style flat iron

woman with orange hairAs the name implies, this is a small counterpart of the MK4 and the GHD flat irons. They contain smaller plates and are more compact in size and shape. They have little weight hence very portable. It can be a nice hair styler for women with short hair and for men who like the no fuss styling capabilities. If you do not need a full-featured, full-size hair straightener, it is the best choice for you.

Salon Styler flat iron

The GHD IV salon stylers come with wider plates. With the larger size of the plates, it can provide optimum coverage in a relatively short amount of time. Some hair types are very challenging to manage. If your hair is such type, you should consider buying this kind of styler. Thick and extraordinary long hair can easily be taken care of using a salon styler.…