Mens Guide To Formal Wear

When it comes to style and dressing up. Men can seem to have an easier time as compared to women. However, some rules need to be followed to achieve the desired look. In recent times, the rules have had a shake up from the conventional practice that had been there. A new era of trend and style has been embraced. What are the trends that have entered into the menswear fashion? What are some guidelines to formal wear?

Men’s Formal Wear Guide

Smart Choiceman with suit

The smart choice is always to wear a suit. A man in a suit look and seems to mean business. Dressed in a good look suit, one feels bold, confident and classy. Suits range from the three piece suit to the two piece popular suit. The trick with wearing the classic three piece is to make sure that the jacket and waistcoat are both worn or removed at the same time.

Right Fit

Getting the right fit is crucial to the man’s look. One could have a suit on but with the wrong fit the results would be disastrous. The good fit is a well-fitted blazer shoulder not too small or too big. The jacket closure and buttoning should not be too short, or big once buttoned. The blazer sleeve needs to be a few inches smaller than the shirt sleeve. Likewise, the blazer length and trouser length should not be too long or short. Finally, look at the collar.


Just like the suit, one need to get the right fitting for the shirt. Look at all the features. From the collar, shoulders, Sleeves length and shirt fit. A test for the shirt is to relax when fitting a shirt and check the length. The length should be just at the hand wrists not above it or below. Likewise, the shirts shoulder seam should be at the edge of the shoulder.


man's wardrobeA man’s wardrobe has very few accessories. The tie and belt are the most popular accessories that will be found in a man’s closet. Ties vary in fabric type and proportion. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes and different lengths and widths. They range from formal ties, bow ties, and cravats. For more click Hextie. Likewise, the type of belt that one chooses will add to the look. The key is to match the belt with the shoes one wears.

Lastly, remember to coordinate colors well. Also, ensure to look at the quality of the fabrics when purchasing.