How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

Most of the time people misconstrue the need for women to explore the makeup world and utilize the best products in the world today. Some say that you do not need it and that you ought to maintain and be comfortable with your natural looks. While this may be true, there is no reason to patronize those that choose to enhance their natural beauty with the latest beauty inventions in the market today. In truth, makeup is primarily an enhancement to existent beauty, and it goes a long way in making you feel fabulous and confident.

In recent years eyelashes extensions have become a phenomenon as far as makeup is concerned. Arguably, eyelashes extensions have become a necessity that is essentially used to boost thickness, fullness, and length of your natural eye lashes. Eyelashes extensions done in microblading near Los Angeles save users a lot of time that could have otherwise been spent trying to curl lashes and putting on mascara. They spare you from the use of plenty of makeup and subsequently the use of remover liquids. Surely, makeup can be tedious and strenuous and therefore it is important to invest in eyelashes extensions.

However, a lot of people will tell you that they have had tough times trying to get their eyelashes extensions to last longer. The following are tips that could lengthen their duration;

Sleep on your back

When you sleep with your face on the pillow, it is inevitable that your lashes will be strained for long periods hence the possible fall out. The lashes will also lose shape and thereby require you to continually cream or water them. Cream, oil or water is harmful to the longevity of eyelashes extensions. Sleeping on your back ensures that they are well preserved for as long as possible.

Goodbye mascara

Eyelash extensions should be inhibited against water and oil. The use of mascara means that you will require a lot of water and oil to wipe off and this is adverse to eye lashes extensions because the glue will ultimately melt away. Cotton swabs that are used for wiping mascara are detrimental to eyelashes extensions because they get stuck in them and thereby causing them to loosen.

Do not pull on eyelashes extensions

Essentially this means that you should at all times resist the urge to rub your eye lashes. This may be hard to adapt to since it’s a natural aggravation, but you will notice that with time you will get used to it. If there is constant discomfort in your eye, then you ought to visit your beautician to restore normalcy.